About DesignCreek

Abbie and Myself DesignCreek is about you, your idea, and me, Craig Hamnett. I turn your ideas, into quality websites which you then lovingly nurture, allowing them to grow.

Since the time of DesignCreek's inception, establishing an excellent relationship with clients has always been the key to success. Treating clients as people instead of deadlines is imperative, and this has lead to DesignCreek's growth and expansion throughout the web design industry.

Unlike many of todays companies which simply disappear after they receive your money, I am on hand to give help and advice on many issues which may arise; from the task of backing up a database to building on the existing website.

About Me

I am very dedicated to Web Design (Abbie would say too much so!) and as a result love the challenge of keeping up with the industrys ever forward moving standards. I deliver quality results, and since I'm a one-man-band you get more bang for your buck! There are no Chief Executive Officers, or other nonsical employees to pay, I am able to reduce my costs and pass on the saving to you!

I have an awesome girlfriend, Abbie (in the picture with me) who has stuck by me through thick and thin which I am very grateful for. She is my main inspiration and motivator and it's Abbie that enables me to do what I do so well. Unfortunately Abbie refuses to work as my receptionist so it'll always be me that you speak to!