DesignCreek Portfolio

I take great pride in all of the work that I do, satisfying clients is a great feeling, sometimes more so than the paycheque itself!

Website of the Month WinnerAs well as the work done for clients, every now and then I release an Open Source template which are used by many people. The templates have been downloaded thousands of times (taking into consideration those at OSWD and OpenWebDesign).

I can sometimes be found at Webforumz, an online community for web designers, and programmers. I submitted DesignCreek to their "Website of the Month" competition, which I won. So now I have a shiny award to hang up in my portfolio section.

Member of the UKWDABeing a member of the UK Web Design Association you can guarantee that the work I do is of excellent quality. They are the Web Standards organisation in the UK and I adhere to their Code of Conduct, as well as my own few extra Codes!